We say nothing when there’s nothing to say or when there’s too much say.
This country has taken an evil path since December 2014 and singling one or two issues out among hundreds to blog on would give the impression that apart from those one or two issues everything is going out fine here.
That would be a sort of propaganda for the Jugnauth regime. I have no idea how to cope with this situation.

But, I don’t want to let this blog die.
So, I’ll be blogging about bits and pieces

On my Facebook I just saw a post about ‘What Was Your First Phone’. Well, that will be my first little piece. My first mobile phone was the Sony Ericsson T300. At the time, some 15 years ago, I had to quit my usual always-working-alone and adapt with the necessity of sometimes having to work with a partner. At the time I was reluctant about buying a mobile phone. It was in fact my first work partner who paid the first instalment of my new gadget. Now, I won’t write a long article about a phone; let’s just say it held very well in the hand, had good audio for the time, survived numerous falls on hard surfaces or in water, and became one of the few objects I got attached with.

One day while I was spending the day fishing on the west coast of Mauritius my backpack which I had left a hundred meters behind me overturned slightly. From the distance when I occasionally looked back everything appeared okay. It’s only when I went to pack and leave that I found out that the T300 had been marinating in salty water for three hours. That was the first time I experienced sadness over an inanimate object.

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