You have surely seen the promotion clip of the so-called Metro Express planned by the mentored Lepep Alliance government. The synthetic images give the impression of a a smoothly running system, but a lot of people might fail to notice that in the clip all other vehicles are driving along the rails with no intersecting traffic. If the computers of the gay and happy promoters of this project could generate another clip this time with perpendicular traffic I might be convinced of the sustainability of this folly.
But, can a folly be sustainable anyway?

Meanwhile the bright people of Mauritius- even in the absence of the least explanation from the inventor of the “Metro Express” concept- has figured out that the Express buses will be simply kicked out of business. Two bus companies, UBS and RHT- which have more than 95% of their business on the catchment area of the light rail transit system will have to close down.

The government has assured that the project will generate a lot (hundreds?) of jobs. As usual they are referring to jobs during the construction phase, and forgetting to mention the more than a thousand bus industry workers who will be thrown on the streets.


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