jbrmAnerood Jugnauth described his intent to resign as Prime Minister and bequeathing the premiership to his son Pravind as being in the pure tradition of Westminster and compared it to the way of Theresa May succeeded David Cameron . The comparison on closer look shows only differences with Westminster and similarities with North Korea and Duvalier’s [Papa Doc and Bebe Doc] Haiti.
Let’see some of the differences with Westminster.

*David Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote as he said he would do. This was his personal decision and other than this there was no change in the political composition of parliament.

*In Mauritius the last elections was won by an alliance of three parties. One of these has now left, the leader of another is an archetype of incompetence, while the monarchical heir to premiership could find himself in prison in the near future.

*The British electorate electorate knew that David Cameron would resign if the answer to the Brexit referendum was “yes”.

*The Lepep alliance never believed they could win with Pravind Jugnauth as leader, that is why they had to import a leader to face the electorate who never knew that Anerood Jugnauth would be just a front man to win the elections for his son.

*David Cameron did not choose who would succeed him as PM, or presumed who that would be. He stayed in function just as long as to allow his party to vote for a new leader. Apart from Theresa May, there were other contenders like Stephen Crab, Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Michael Gove.
David Cameron did not take part in the vote.

*The new leader of the ruling Lepep alliance has been chosen by Anerood Jugnauth and it is assumed that everybody agrees that Pravind Jugnauth is presently the only person fit to be Prime Minister.

*There is no constitutional provision for a successor to a resigning Prime Minister in the British Constitution.

*The Constitution of Mauritius states that in case the Prime Minister resigns it is the Deputy Prime Minister who succeeds him. A person other than the DPM may be appointed only if the DPM has also resigned- or is unavailable for other reasons.
*One aspect of Westminster tradition as they call it is dignity. There is also the unacceptability of spiteful attitude towards the electorate.

*The Jugnauths and the Lepep alliance has no dignity or sense of honor. They engage in political and economical maneuvering in the face of the electorate. This handing over of the premiership is typical of their shamelessness and shallow character.

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