zamalakWhy has this debate been revived?
– Because the actual Prime Minister, Anerood Jugnauth gets a kick of hanging people. That makes him feel tough though impotent.

Are Mauritians generally in favor of death penalty?
– A lot of Mauritian have their to-be-hanged list which include non-Hindu rapists, zamalak thieves, dark and/or poor guys who get involved with their daughters, people- like rastas- with untidy hair, etc.

Do you know anybody who should be hanged?
– I’m dead against death penalty, but if you insist I’ll have you hang Antoine Domingue, Anerood Jugnauth and Roshi Badhain.

Do think there is any crime for which they could be be hanged?
– Yes, laws are written in such a way that they can be read to fit any hidden political motive.

What would be your hidden motive for hanging those three?
– A. Domingue and A.Jugnauth, to give them a dose of their own medicine; R.Badhain, because he has the face of a chicken rump.

Why are you against death penalty?
– Because you can’t bring back to life an executed innocent. Hanging one innocent is more contrary to justice than letting 10,000 criminals go unpunished.

Why “so-called” debate?
– It is an issue which concerns everybody [1.2 million Mauritians] but the ‘debate’ will involve only a small number of persons- maybe less than 30.


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