asmallerbadhainIf the presentation of the new version of Heritage City is true to scale the project has been down scaled by at least 75%, with height reduced from 20 floor to 5 floor. There may be some reduction in individual floor area too.

newparliament?The new parliament will be topped by a ridiculous skeletal spire described by Roshi Badhain as iconic. This spire has no apparent purpose except maybe to attract thunder. That should help us get rid of the redundant fossils and young morons who governs us.

Update 6 August: At the Cabinet meeting the three leaders of the governing alliance vetoed against the Heritage City which is now seemingly trashed.
One other important flaw of the project, though was a bit secondary compared to the the financial and design disaster Heritage City promised to be, was that the new parliament and administrative blocks would have been at a dead end, albeit very broad, street. This sort of Forbidden City would have been a contrast to all modern and not so modern houses of parliament which are situated by freely accessible popular avenues or squares.


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