pjIn the 2016-17 budget speech we can notice that most measures announced are in fact to be implemented in the period 2016-19. December 2019 being the latest possible date for the next elections. Other measures are just declarations of intended policies whose costs are not specified. India will finance about 11% of the national budget.

With all the propaganda and generalities Pravind Jugnauth seem to have been testing his capacity to speak like a Prime Minister.

A Rs60 drop in the price of a 12kg LPG cylinder* won’t be enough to sway the “MAMs” from the ever-growing anti-LEPEP feeling, Mr Trainee PM.

Update (1 August): It seems Mr Soodhun- the slave who is friends with a prince- is leaving for Saudi Arabia to gather more foreign funding for the administration of Mauritius as the Indian grant will not suffice. It is not improbable that in the next few days Mr Xavier-Luc Duval will rush to Singapore to organize a fund raising meeting of ASEAN countries to finance the country of Festival Creole and golf courses. A question comes to my mind: is this republic becoming a beggar, or is it becoming a whore?

*For me [and a few hundred thousand electors] the price of beer and of cooking gas affect the cost of living equally. I’ve got enough glasses to stay unaffected by the price of that item for years, Besides a glass is superfluous to enjoy a 330 ml bottle of very cold beer.
BTW, I’ve got a super pancreas and I’m nowhere near being diabetic. I resent the rising price of everything sweet.
1 Aug. A little update here too. This sunny morning I felt like having a tamarind ice pop. Instead of the usual Rs7 the shopkeeper charged me Rs9. I started to frown but then I remembered: the budget!


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