HoesThese days there’s an ongoing crackdown on sex all over the island. It is rumored that it all started when the son of a high ranking police officer was mugged by a prostitute and her pimp while making unauthorized use of a state car. So to clear its name the vexed tea-addicted police force went on a whorehunting campaign at the Jardin De La Compagnie, but this battlefield being too small and the preys being too few decided to extend the chase to those immoral men having sex with women-they-are-not-married-to.

I am one of those who are wrongly accused of misogyny just because they have a lot of trouble suppressing their laughter whenever someone talk of the logical reasoning of women, so I’ll leave aside the feminist view of prostitution*.Yes, those men are immoral, specially in the eyes of the priest- though not necessarily of God who surely wouldn’t have bothered to create us male and female if He [or She] wanted us to get a kick out of masturbation.

Sexual activity as long as all [all – (minus) 1 is not all] participants are Adult, Lucid, Consenting, and in Private, is none of the State, Police, Justice, Government or whoever else’s business. As long as a participant or a third party is not harmed sex is a private matter.

Preaching about morality should be left to the priest who has to earn his bread and butter. It’s also for her bread and butter that the prostitute provide satisfaction to the male who has money and a libido but has no adult, lucid, consenting girlfriend. The government should concentrate on economic development, the fight against poverty, raising the standard of living, lowering unemployment. Enforcing a state morality code is just a smokescreen for incompetence. As for the police if they have no other job to do than chasing whores and hoes with rods, batons, and hoe handles, they should fix hoe blades to their hoe handles and go plant cabbages instead.

* For the really ignorant I’ll point out that for the feminist, except in the case of abortion where “a woman should be the only one to decide about her body”, women are the material property of the movement.


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